We are always being asked two questions ‘How do I get a fixed price?’ and ‘What do I need to do next?’, so here is a simple plan for you to follow.

Stage 1.
What size of unit do you want – put that figure into the instant build calculator (above). If this cost is close to your budget go to Stage 2.

Stage 2.
Now You will need a basic design drawing. If you have one forward it to us and we will give you a quote, if not we will be happy to supply you with one for as little as £295.00

(This will be your drawing and you can use it to obtain quotes from other construction companies as well as Units UK).
Why do you need a drawing ?

You need a basic drawing at this point so we have some information to work with like thickness of the floor, numbers of doors and windows, what is the construction material brick or Cladding is the building steel framed and if so what size steel is needed and general information like that.

At this point We will give you a firm quote subject to ground works and site conditions. if this quote is acceptable go to stage 3.

Stage 3.
You will need a ground survey and utilities information pack (electric , gas ,water drainage, telecom ) We are happy to supply the above from £595.00

(This will be your survey and utilities pack and you can use it to obtain quotes from other construction companies as well as Units UK).

Why do I need a survey & utilities information pack?

You need this information at this point so any site specific costs can be calculated such as will the foundation be pads or piles are there any cables, pipes or culverts running under the site, where are the utilities located in relation to the site and so on.

we will then give you a fixed quote if this is acceptable you then need to go to stage 4.

Stage 4.
You will need to instruct your chosen architect/engineer to do a full set of drawings so a planning application can be made, Units UK can supply all of your architectural and engineering needs if required please contact us for a quote. Once planning approval is granted go to Stage 5.

Stage 5.
Now you need to instruct your construction company (Units UK) and the building of your unit can begin.