All of our leasing options come with logistic support, helping your business run smoothly.

Just a few of the logistical services we can provide to help you run your business.

• Stock/merchandise management and logistics
• Stock/merchandise secure storage collection and delivery
• Document secure archiving collection and delivery
• Stock/Merchandise just in time service.
• Document just in time service.
• Direct to your customer dispatch.
• Direct to your customer delivery.
• Direct from your customer returns and restocking.
• Stock/merchandise restocking.

We can also provide the following supporting services

• Postal addressParcel and postal dispatch and collection
• Virtual office facilityDedicated phone lines.
• Dedicated Internet access.
• Reception facility
• Meeting rooms, conference rooms
• Removals
• Office relocation
• Plant and machinery relocation, collection storage and delivery
• Container relocation, collection storage and delivery

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